Sunday, September 4, 2011

What to do when inflation spikes

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As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the profits and safety you require, here's a look at some of the top investment strategies we've uncovered that will deliver big yields under any market conditions.

14.4%-Yield Shipping Goddess is Your Port in the Storm

Roger Conrad & Elliott Gue

Every other year in Greece, shipping magnates from all over the world gather for 5 days. They call this gathering Posidonia. Last summer 18,000 attended from 87 nations. And on the decks of their luxury yachts only one beautiful woman was spoken of – a Greek goddess who is building a global shipping empire to rival Onassis. She's already adored by hundreds of thousands – the fortunate unit-holders who receive enormous five-figure dividend checks from her each and every quarter. If you buy now, you'll pocket enormous wealth as the stock doubles and doubles again. Don't wait. Read more.

Labor Day Sale – Last Chance to Redeem Your $119 Rebate!

Elliott Gue

I recently sent my subscribers a note allowing them to extend their Personal Finance subscription at a special rock-bottom Labor Day Sale rate. The incredible savings we offered our loyal readers generated a record-breaking response.

Today I'm offering YOU the same incredible savings! So I want to give you this LAST CHANCE to start your subscription at the lowest price you will ever see! You'll save up to a whopping $119 off our regular rate. It's my way of making it ridiculously easy for you to say "yes."

Accept this invitation today and get our guaranteed rock-bottom price – but you must act quickly. This offer expires Monday at midnight! Click here to get started now!

When inflation spikes ... what to do

Roger Conrad

From 2003 to 2008, inflation grew 17%. An almost-secret Canadian investment jumped 512% … another by 347% … and one skyrocketed 633%.

Around here, they're known as "891(j) Allotments," and they can unleash a stream of income to your account EVERY month: $345 around the 27th … $466 around the 20th … $322 around the 29th … $258 around the 24th … $322 around the 22nd … $368 around the 8th … and even more.

With Washington messing up the economy and inflation doubling since January, the "891(j) Allotments" actually grow the more politicians mess things up. To protect against inflation, you could claim your first "891(j) Allotment" check in the next 2 weeks. Click here!

You stand to make more money here than you've earned over an entire lifetime

Elliott Gue

Yes, oil prices really could go up to $246 a barrel by 2012. And by investing in one small, independent company, you can profit from the trend.

Independent analysis from the RAND Corporation says there are hundreds of billions of barrels of recoverable oil in the Bakken oil formation, a West Virginia-sized oil deposit in the Williston Basin.

The Bakken Formation presents individual investors with the oil investment opportunity of a lifetime, and much of its acreage is being snapped up by a little-known wildcatter backed by one of the biggest oil dynasties out of Texas. The little independent has already drilled over 50 wells this year in its Williston Basin acreage. That number is expected to double, and stocks are set to soar. Details here.

$500 a Month in Dividends

Roger Conrad

Just one year ago, Big Yield Hunting promised to find enough double-digit yields of strong, reliable companies to generate $500 a month in dividends. It's accomplishing its mission.

Our latest pick is a small Canadian airline company that's soaring high with a jumbo-jet-sized yield of 13.7%! All yields chosen are over 10%, such as previous picks of 12.6% and 13.84%.

With yields this big, you don't need a lot of money to generate $500 in EXTRA cash every month. Are you ready to take off to a world of profits? If so, click here.

The Last Best Cheap Oil in North America

Roger Conrad

Contrary to what you may have heard … the truth is: The American side of the mammoth Bakken Shale deposit has been picked over as cleanly as buzzards on a bone. No bargains are left on the American side. Don't waste your money investing there.

But … enormous Bakken Shale deposits sit on the Canadian side, mostly in the province of Saskatchewan. And today, the cost to produce oil is LOWER on the Canadian side than it is here.

You can jump on 4 hot Bakken plays with sizzling dividends, too, right NOW! Details here.

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